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Week’s Work

First, last week’s cartoon mojo! I drew a flapper witch with a conjured familiar!

Right. So, Thursday was that, Friday was a makeup day. Saturday was SCAD Day. I ate like three free popsicles and met an awesome transfer student who’s starting here next quarter. 


In Drawing for Storyboarding we did caricatures of people in motion.DRAW_206_A02_mzhdan20_Body1.jpgDRAW_206_A02_mzhdan20_Body2.jpg

We also started to work on storyboards for a Kool-aid advertisement. I did the thumbnails and then I’ll start actually working on the final thing tomorrow in class, because…I don’t know, I want to put this off for as long as humanly possible.

In Drawing for Sequential Art we had to draw a figure in shadow only, no containment lines. I’m actually fairly pleased with mine. 

Our final for this class is a 2-page Spiderman comic following a very specific script. I do not like superhero comics.

I very much do not like superhero comics.

I’m going to do my best on this assignment anyway because I value professor June’s opinion of me.

Art for fun! Inktobers:

I switched to doing My Hero Academia Characters because I got sick of drawing buildings, and I love these girls. My Hero Academia is really so good.

Personal work:

I’m also writing and illustrating my most embarrassingly autobiographical fanfiction to date. Please read it or I’ll cry. It’s Haikyuu but with fencing instead of volleyball.

What else have I done lately…
As a student ambassador I have to help out with the hometown heroes table twice a week. I’m working with my friend, so it’s fun.
The local public library was giving out library cards during the break in the middle of my class today so I got one. I also made a button of Uraraka’s face, because as previously mentioned I love her. I think Uraraka’s my new go-to drawing thing. 

Media consumed recently:

Read Petrograd for my Survey of Sequential Art Class. It’s actually really good. Graphic novel about the plot to kill Rasputin. Recommended if you like spy stories. Certified as Good Media About Russia By Not-Russians.

Image result for petrograd comic

Watched Blade Runner 2049 on Sunday with my friend! Opinions: gorgeous, uncontrollable urge to do storyboard studies from every scene, beautifully paced, beautiful environments, but. What is with the multilingual aesthetic. Why is there Japanese and English on some things, Russian and English on other things, Mandarin and English on even more things, but with no rhyme or reason. You don’t even see any Asian people in this future Los Angeles, but you get a lot of Asian signage that doesn’t seem to have a reason to be there. It distracted me because the sudden inclusion of Russian language and imagery made me pay extra attention to it.

Wrote and illustrated an article for the connector! Actually two articles! Unfortunately the Connector website isn’t working for me right now (I had the first link saved somewher else), but you can find the second article if you search for Generate.

I’m also helping out with a few senior films this year! That’s actually what I’m going to go work on now. There’s an ASIFA-South mixer tonight, but I don’t really feel like it right now. I’ll go to the January one, I suppose.

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Week’s Work

Last Thursday, I went to a Temple of Cartoon Mojo meeting. It was fun! We drew inktober prompts. Here’s everyone’s contributions spread out on the table.

And here’s my thing: a pirate witch and a candy witch from the #31witches prompt lists.

Friday was absolutely packed for me: Marksmen meeting, Connector meeting, Ambassador meeting, Ambassador team-building activity at Escape the Room (my group got out first!), and then a screening of Space Jam at SCADShow! I took this photo because I needed good lighting effects for my thumbnails assignment.

Saturday my roommate and I went to the international market and I bought Russian food to fill the void in my heart, as one does.

Sunday I marched in the ATL Pride parade with the SCAD LGBT club! It was A Time: hot, sunny, loud…but fun overall. I’m still washing glitter out of my hair. It’s been three days. Save me.


I did a presentation on Nell Brinkley for my Survey class and got a 20/20! I’m very pleased with myself.

Drawing for Sequential Art:SEQA_202_A02_mzhdan20_figure2.png

The model actually took a picture of this drawing! I hated drawing it, because we had to use nib pen and it’s so hard to work with. None of the lines went where I wanted them to go, it was awful. But it turned out okay, I think.


Yeah spotting blacks is not anywhere near my strong suit.

Drawing for Storyboarding:

Realistic and Caricature drawings of two of my closest friends.

For-fun drawing: fanart.

Two of my current favorite characters share a birthday… I love them…

Also made this short comic that’s just an art shitpost, but I learned how to do the blur thing in photoshop for this so I’m proud of it.  Have I mentioned how much I love Haikyuu!! and My Hero Academia recently? Because those are like, the only ongoing manga I’m keeping up with right now.


Also inktobers! I did those! 

Reading material: I’ve caught up with Giant Days and Snotgirl. I read Petrograd so I can review it for my Survey class, but I haven’t actually started the review. Reread Unterzakhn so I can analyze a scene from it for my Drawing for Sequential Class. Picked up Felicia Day’s memoir on a whim and it’s pretty enjoyable despite some extremely iffy jokes.


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This Week’s Work: GENERATE!


Seriously the response from past CTYers and art friends alike has been. Super gratifying.

Generate was really fun. As an officer in Marksmen, I also helped with the Marksmen Zine Generate event, which was fun and cool. This kid’s design for a spaceman robot thing ended up winning, so everyone drew comics and illustrations and gags using this spaceman robot, and then we put them all together into a book and printed it. I finished my comic around 3 AM, which made me the second person to finish Generate this year. My professor gave me a copy of Bad Machinery: The Case of the Team Spirit, which I’m very emotional about because I love that comic SO MUCH you don’t even know.

Okay besides that. Classwork. 3 point perspective: reference images are the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University and a random building near Union Square in NYC.

More composition thumbnails for Seqa, this time with gray tones! Wow!


Figure drawing for Seqa.SEQA_202_A02_mzhdan20_figure1.jpg

What else do I have. Inktobers!

That’s pretty much it really…

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Inktober and other things!

Okay so this past week I have:

Attended the monthly ASIFA-South mixer! It was fun as usual.

Attended the first Temple of Cartoon Mojo meeting of the quarter! We drew our favorite superheroes while watching Neo Yokio. I drew Uraraka Ochako because my hero academia is the only superhero comic I read. Also, I love Uraraka.

Drew things for class!

2 point perspective in technical pen. Actually I’m looking at it now and I think I need to add some more lines to the top one…hmm…assignment2.PNG

Then 15 thumbnails from observation focusing on composition. I drew the arrows to indicate which direction is up for each thumbnail.assign3.PNGassignment3b.PNG


I illustrated an article for the Connector!

I also wrote a review of Spinning for the Connector. As previously mentioned, everything Tillie Walden touches turns to gold.

For Inktober this year I’m drawing buildings of personal significance to me.

Inktober at art school is WILD. Marksmen’s doing a special thing where if you follow the official prompt list you win a pack of microns. My Survey of Sequential Art professor dropped cards on everyone’s desk at the end of Survey and told us to draw something we talked about in class.  Everywhere you look someone is inking something. 

What else did I do… On Sunday I went to Sweet Hut with some friends, and Friday we had makeup classes, and Saturday I did homework… I wrote a fanfiction in two days…

Oh yeah! I opened up Halloween Icon Commissions for $5 on my social media accounts! (The last one’s me)

Finally, here’s some personal art I did.

I’m thinking about making a webcomic soon, but I’m not sure I’ll have time. Right now I’m working on a submission to the Lilies Anthology but I’m not hoping for much, to be honest.

And in a couple of hours, I’m going swing dancing! My friend recommended me a place that does free beginner classes on Monday nights, so I’m going to go check it out tonight.

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I’m 19 now! Week 1

Yesterday was my birthday! My aunt Liza took me out for food and it was pretty great.

So the first week of the quarter was insanely busy. Orientation was exhausting, even though we had about an hour in the middle of each day to wait for the students to come back from their presentation sessions. SCAD Day was more of the same, but since it was shorter and only one day it felt a lot less stressful. I got free food. Here’s all us Orientation Assistants posing together.

My classes so far have been alright. I have the same professor for both Drawing for Storyboarding and Drawing for Sequential Art. She’s currently the artist for the Mary Worth daily strip. I asked her what it was like to draw Mary Worth and she said “mindnumbingly boring” and then showed me some pages of her new comic about cats in space. I love her.

Drawing for Storyboarding is basically Perspective for Cartoonists, and Drawing for Sequential Art is basically Anatomy for Cartoonists. I hope my art improves a lot this quarter. Here’s something I drew in class.

And here’s my first assignment for Storyboarding, to be critiqued in like. 3 hours. Three one-point perspective drawings from high, medium and low eye levels. From observation. I spent a while going through all the photos in my drive, haha.

Survey of Sequential Art is interesting. The book we’re using as a textbook is focused on comics in the United Kingdom bc the author’s British, so I’m definitely learning a lot about comics I had never heard of before.

We went to a reception for the Guo Pei exhibit at SCAD Fash. Guo Pei herself was there but I only got to see her for a few seconds in a crowd of well-dressed fancy people. It was a weird experience. The view from the SCAD Fash balcony is super nice though. 

Personal artwise, I haven’t done all that much this week. Fanart, mostly. 

OH ALSO! I put together a zine about movies I liked when I was a kid! Check it out here 

Recent Reading: I wrote a review of Monster on the Hill by Rob Harrell for my Survey class, and a review of Spinning by Tillie Walden for The Connector.

Image result for monster on the hill rob harrell

I enjoyed Monster on the Hill. It was cute and funny, but some of the character’s faces looked a little off.

I love everything Tillie Walden has ever produced and I would die for her probably. 

 Tomorrow I’m going to the ASIFA-South mixer in Atlantic Station again! This’ll be my third one, but the last time I went was in May, so I don’t know how much if anything has changed. My friend Connie’s going with me. I hope I get to see some of the people I met before.
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Orientation Tomorrow!

Hi! Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I’ve been busy, stressed out, and unmotivated.

Since the last time I posted here I went to Flamecon. It was awesome. Highlights: Check Please!, Haikyuu!! and Yuri!!! on Ice fanart, a Yuri Recommendations panel. Nice people. Seeing my friend Gina.

I spent time with my friends for the last week or so of my summer vacation, and that was really nice. Then two weeks ago I moved into my dorm at SCAD Atlanta for Orientation Assistant training.

On the first day of training, everything went to heck. Halfway through the day we all got a text alert from SCAD. The start of fall quarter was pushed back a week because of Hurricane Irma, and everyone already moved in at Savannah was evacuated here. I had three incoming Savannah freshmen staying in my room for a few nights while the storm blew over. I got to see some friends from Savannah I haven’t really spent much time with before, and that was really fun. But it’s also been super hectic.


I checked out the Guo Pei exhibit at SCAD FASH a few days ago, and it was so awesome. Really recommend.

Also I played Hiveswap yesterday. A lot shorter than I was expecting after five years, but still pretty entertaining, even though I’m not big on video games.

Creative work updates: I’ve written some more fanfiction if you’re into that at all. Also. A lot of fanart. Because school hasn’t started yet might as well indulge right. Also a color study.

I did some studies of Princeton, and I made up a new thing where if my friends from other colleges pay for my transportation I will go to their college and draw their campus. I don’t expect anyone to take me up on it but I wish they would.

Also I drew my OC from my Hong Kong Comics classwork because I could.

Oh yeah, Miku’s 10th anniversary happened August 31st, and I participated in this year’s Miku Miku Collab!  

I drew 4 illustrations: Heartbreak Summit, Strobe Last, Tokyo Retro and Start Line. Four of my favorite songs.

Tomorrow and Sunday I’m gonna be on my feet from 8 am to 6 pm, helping with the new student orientations. I’m ready.

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I ordered a shortbox! Here is a review of everything in it!

The candy: there was a “fruit-salad flavored” square thing that tasted like every single starburst mashed together. Terrible.

a black licorice flavored square that was far more licorice than I ever cared to taste. Also terrible.

a milk chocolate frog thing that was like a hershey kiss but larger, so also terrible.

British candy is a disappointment.


I ordered the Shortbox for Rosemary Vallero-O’Connell’s What is Left because I love everything she’s ever made, she’s amazing, god bless Rosemary V-O. I was not disappointed! It’s beautiful–the colors are limited to pinks and purples, and the story is clear despite the nonlinear narrative. It is sad and made me sad but it’s okay because it is beautiful. You can feel the yearning, the pain of talking to someone who can’t hear you, of falling for someone who no longer exists. I did spot a few typos though.

Barbara by Nicole Miles was interesting. I like the idea of personifying a cactus, and I’ve never really seen veganism framed in such a nonagressive way. That one vegan girl in my high school class was always very…militant about it. I haven’t really thought so much about how other people treat vegans/vegetarians, and I’ll probably think more about how I react to this subject in the future.

Hot Summer Nights by Freddy Carrasco was pretty visually striking, but it was hard for me to tell what’s going on or tell the character’s apart. Not my kind of thing.

Musings of a Muslim Hipster by Areeba Siddique was also not really my kind of thing. That sort of graphic, sharp style reminds me of rookiemag and products, and to me it works best as prints and patterns and stickers, not as pages of a book. I was expecting a single narrative comic instead of a collection of stuff, but the stuff was interesting and I did learn some things.

The Pit of Tar had a lot more text than I thought it would, but I love the soft pencil art style a lot. The story is depressing, but intriguing. I have a soft spot for old hollywood things.

I really enjoyed all these things except the candy, and I may order another shortbox someday! But it was kind of expensive so idk maybe.

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Japan Week 2!

Hi! I’ve been home for like a week now, recuperating from travel and jetlag and things.

Art stuff:


I participated in the Yuri on Ice! Fandom Collab on Twitter! Here’s what I drew for it.


So I last posted right before we left for Kyoto, right? Well, before we went there, we stopped by the Nirayama Reverberatory Furnace. Because we didn’t know what it was and wanted to find out.

It’s not very interesting as it turns out. Just a thing used to make iron. Industrial revolution, yay.

Kyoto was super cool! The Comic Capsule Hotel was amazing, as were the shopping streets.

The comic hotel is absolutely full of comics, with a full shelf of english-language selections. I read the first few volumes of Nana, and Natsume Yuujinchou, which were pretty cool.

We had some awesome okonomiyaki at this place.

And we walked around Gion at night a lot. It was quiet and peaceful and nice.

The next morning, I finally tried omurice! And got myself a super fancy dessert.

We walked through the shopping street, and then took a train to Fushimi-Inari. Fushimi-Inari is. Very orange. There’s over 10,000 of those vermillion gates all over the mountain. So. Many.

we went all the way up to the top of the mountain and ran into a cute cat.

By the time we started heading the down, the street vendors were closing up, but I got some really good fried tofu before we went back to the city center. We got to the river right around sunset, and it was so pretty.

We sat in a nice restaurant on the riverside, ate good food, and watched the sunset. It was very nice. Then we walked around Gion in the dark.

The next day, we went to the animate store, the shogun’s palace, and the manga museum. There’s a teahouse in the palace gardens with the best shaved ice I’ve ever tried. The palace itself has beautiful wall paintings and absolutely no furniture.

The manga museum was super cool. I’m pretty sure every volume of comics ever published in japan was in that building. It was intense. There was a special exhibition on a mangaka I’ve never heard of who draws ballet things that was so pretty, even though photos were not allowed.

I bought a haikyuu sketchbook, a set of deleter pen nibs, ink, and the first volume of gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun in English. I also started reading Assassination Classroom there. I finished AssClass when I got back to the States. IT’S REALLY GOOD!

We saw a show of traditional Kyoto/Japanese Arts at Gion Corner. It was. Interesting. … sort of.

Then we went to a temple known for its awesome nighttime lighting effects, which was really cool.

The next morning, we went to a store that sold vintage clothes from the states and I learned boy scout uniform shirts are women’s fashion items in Japan, which was interesting.

Then, Bengal Cat Cafe! They tried to eat my pens when I wanted to draw them. No automatic alt text available.Image may contain: catImage may contain: one or more people, people sitting and table

After that we went to Kinkaku-ji. It was very shiny and so, so hot outside. 

Unsurprisingly, gold doesn’t taste like anything. 

We checked into our second hostel, which did not have comics but did have a ~spa~ thing in its basement and also looked very nice. Then there was a small festival on the riverbank, so we checked it out. I got a cool wall scroll. 

Starbucks in Japan has a limited menu item called the honey tea frappucino and it was so good and I’m so mad at american starbucks for not even offering this to me.

The next day, we went all the way to Nara. A deer tried to eat my fan. These things are ruthless if they think they’ll get crackers out of people. 

Nara has a cool museum of Buddhist art we ended up going to. It was nice and air conditioned. No photos inside, of course. But I did some sketches.

Then we went to see a large buddha sculpture. It was very large. 
I pet a deer.

The next morning, we checked out the Yayoi Kusama exhibit at the art museum, and then made our way to Tokyo.

In Tokyo, we went to Ikebukuro to check out the 9-story animate store. There was a lot of merch.

Then we went to this super cute cafe with zodiac themed parfaits. I got a Libra one and it was perfect. 

We walked around for a while, then went back to the hostel and just relaxed. For dinner, we found a chinese restaurant with no english menu and blurry pictures. We ordered french fries by accident, but they were really good, and the food was really good too. 

The next day, my last in Japan, we went to the Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo. Their collection’s amazing, and whoever wrote the description for each piece deserves an award. 

I had a good time.

I watched 4 movies on the flight home- Trolls, Pariah, the 100th Love With You, and Let’s Go Jets! (the last two movies I watched because the kid next to me was watching them and they looked interesting. Then the kid put the minions on and I realized he did not actually have good taste.) The 100th Love With You is so unnecessarily sad but I love the conceit of a time-travel record player thing a lot.

Anyway, now I’m home, chilling. Writing fanfiction. I drew some stuff in Princeton yesterday. My current tablet’s unusable, so I’m getting a new one soon. I go back to college in two weeks. I bought a bunch of books recently!

Volume 2 of Kase-san was cute and sweet and good.
Hostage by Guy Delisle was none of those things but was very powerful and good anyway.
Papergirls volume 3 was great, of course.
Manga: Theory and Practice by Araki-sensei is actually really clear and informative and I would recommend it to anyone who creates narrative works, manga or otherwise.

That’s pretty much it, I guess.

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Japan week 1

What DIDN’T I do this past week, omg. It’s been, very busy.

We walked around Matsuzaki and went to a Historical Building. Matsuzaki has a thing about this gray and white diamond pattern on all the buildings, so that was a defining feature.

We went to a very nice seafood place. IMG_20170725_171620005

We went to a bunch of shrine complexes. There’s a shrine on every corner. Literally, every corner. In a town of 6,000 people.

We went to Dogashima and did a boat tour of the surrounding area, which was extremely scenic. We went to the beach a few times.

We drove up the Izu peninsula to Hakone, and stopped at all the pretty views on the way.

In Hakone, we took the cable car up to the ropeway, then took the ropeway to Lake Ashi. We saw an active volcano. We could have seen Mt. Fuji, but it was too overcast for that.

From Hakone, we took the shinkansen to Tokyo, and went to a hedgehog cafe!

They were so cute. So, so cute.

Then we went up the Tokyo Tower at night and saw all the pretty lights and things. P_20170729_214316

The next day, we went to the Imperial Palace and walked around there for a bit, then met up with a friend of mine in Takeshita street and walked around harajuku. We saw the Meiji shrine, and a lolita fashion store called Closet Child that I was obsessed with when I was a tween. So that was nice.

Besides all the traveling and exploring and being a tourist, I offered to draw my friends on twitter and facebook as magical girls. So I did that.

I also bought a lot of anime merchandise for myself and others, because I am an incurable nerd.

Tomorrow we’re leaving for Kyoto and Nara, so that’s exciting! We’re staying in a Comic Capsule Hotel for a few nights, which is even more exciting.

At this point, though, I’m kind of ready to go home.

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End of Study Abroad and start of Japan!

So, I finished up my study abroad program, and landed in Japan 2 days ago!

This is what I drew for my Travel Portfolio final. No one liked it very much, but it’s fine. I’m done. IMG_20170720_141138123

For my Hong Kong Comics final, Howard Wong, writer for Marvel, came in and gave us all feedback! And after the 5 of us finished our presentations, we went out to Genki Sushi at the Dragon Center mall, and my prof treated us all to dinner. Genki Sushi’s super cool. They sent us food on little motorized trains!coverimage.png

I’m going to miss the Hong Kong Sequential Arts department a lot.

The next day, I had plenty of time to wander around before my flight. So I went to Comix Home Base in Wan Chai, and checked out the Toy Street nearby. It was really nice. I wish there was a kind of concentrated Comics Spot near my home. I guess MOCCA in New York could count, but I’ve never been there so I don’t know what it’s actually like.

After that I went to Causeway Bay and had an old lady under a bridge curse a certain someone by beating his name with a shoe. I felt better afterwards, I think.

Then I just packed and prepared for my flight to Japan. I got like 2 hours of sleep on the plane, but Vika (her mom is my mom’s best friend, and she’s the one taking me places in Japan) met me in the airport that morning and we went to our super cute hostel in Asakusa, Tokyo. It was so adorable. Also there was a big shrine there that we walked past to get to the hostel.

After that we had to take like 5 trains to get to Chofu to meet a friend of my stepfather’s who lives there. Japan’s seventeen thousand train lines perfectly demonstrate why monopolies are good in certain cases. Because no one should need that many train tickets or transfers to get around one city.

In Chofu, we went to a soba noodle restaurant inside a park. The soba noodles were very good. All of the food in Japan is so good. And so cheap. I love it. So much.


After that we walked around the park for a bit. There’s a shrine, and a building that dates back to the Edo period. And a Traditional Japanese paint-a-pottery thing, apparently.

There was also a GeGeGe no Kitaro museum. I have never heard of this franchise before, but the museum was really cool. I like the concept and the visual style a lot.


Then we had shaved ice! Mine was melon flavored. It tasted like snow with syrup on it. Weird but good. It was way too hot outside.

On to the Ghibli museum! We weren’t allowed to take photos inside, but it was still beautiful outside and in. It reminded me of Disney, but more subtle and serious. My favorite room was the concept art room, where all of the creator’s inspirations were tacked up on the walls, and I saw my favorite Russian animator’s sketches up there with everything else! I’m so glad.

After that we got yakiniku. That was my first time trying it. It was really good. No pictures, though.

Then I fell asleep on the train because I had 2 hours of sleep the night before.

Yesterday morning, we went to Denny’s for breakfast. Holy shit, this Denny’s makes American Denny’s look like a trash can. This is a thing I ordered, for 5 USD. AT DENNY’S. It was extremely delicious.IMG_20170723_095024079

Then we went to an Owl Cafe! It also had a meerkat, a parrot, some hedgehogs, some chinchillas, and other creatures.

After that, we took the metro to Akihabara and walked around. I bought way too much anime merchandise, because I am a nerd.

We took a long time figuring out how to get to Matsuzaki, where Vika lives, and took the slow train instead of the shinkansen (a bad move.)

But then we got to Matsuzaki and yesterday I walked to the 7-11 and went to the fire festival in the next village over, which was super neat! The whole area is super gorgeous.