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Life Update: MIT Splash and Winter Break Projects

Hey guys, I’m FINALLY HOME! Winter break started last Thursday for me, actually, but Friday morning I went up to Boston for an event called MIT Splash. Splash is an event where a bunch of college kids teach high schoolers about everything and anything. But first, an update on my finals.

Design: I drew a personal geography of all of the books I remember reading, which is about 300 or so books. I spent 48 hours on it and got a 90!

Drawing: Symbolic self-portrait. I drew myself holding/wearing a few items relating to my Russian heritage. It was very difficult and my professor had to help me with the proportions but I ended up with a 93 somehow.


And then I went home, lost my pencil case with all my favorite pens in it in the airport, nearly missed my plane, and then the next morning took a train and then a bus to Boston to meet my two best friends from high school and take the T to Cambridge. I doodled in my sketchbook in transit.

In Cambridge we got dinner at this cool place called Clover and watched a Fire Spinning Show at the MIT Ampitheater! After that, we went to a combined a capella/improv show at MIT, which was pretty fun even though they made a lot of math jokes I didn’t understand #artstudentproblems

And then we went to the student center and got free ice cream and T-shirts.

MIT is so much more fun when you’re with MIT students.

That night, one of my friends helped with this hack! A hack at MIT refers to pranks and spontaneous art projects, like hanging up a laser-cut fish mobile in the main lobby at 2 am the night before a major event. They’re generally frowned upon by administration even if they look this cool.


Saturday I taught two sections of my class on Writing Comics. The kids seemed to like it and asked me to email them copies of my powerpoint. One of them even followed me on instagram! How sweet.

I got to see a bunch of my friends from the summer camp I went to back in high school and I hung out with them for a lot of Saturday. My friend who lives at Random Hall gave me a tour and showed me the 22-year-old milk and the roof and her room, in which I drew on her whiteboard.

I’m a great friend.

Sunday I hung out in the teacher’s room and sketched for a while.


Before I left, I got to spend some time with my MIT friends and check out the awesome Science Fiction library at the student center. Then a miracle occurred and my bus made it back to NYC 15 minutes ahead of schedule without encountering any traffic whatsoever. Wild.

Now, my tablet pen was in the pen case that went missing during my travels. I ordered a new one on Amazon, but it’s still not here, so I went to Jerry’s Artarama and filled the void by spending way too much money at once on markers and paper and paint. Over winter break, I plan to:

  1. Work on an artist’s book titled Memoirs of Femininity
  2. Create a zine of my grandmother’s recipes, with illustrations
  3. Finish the comic I’d pitched to the North American Myths and Legends anthology (it didn’t get in but all the pre-planning work is done so why not keep working on it)
  4. Work w/my friend on a submission to the Tim’rous Beastie anthology
  5. Work on a submission to the Cabin Fever zine
  6. Put together PDF collections of my sketchbook pages, and all my comics pages from this past year, and put them up for sale

And I’m putting this list up here so that if I don’t do these things you can all judge me.

Non-art things I’m hoping to accomplish include hanging out with friends in NYC, visiting my old high school as part of SCAD’s Hometown Heroes program and talking to everyone about SCAD, passing my driver’s test, and getting some kind of seasonal part time job.



cartoonist, illustrator, reader, writer. SCAD 2020

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