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Happy New Year! Two comics

Happy new year! Yesterday I actually had food poisoning and was (metaphorically) dying for most of the day, so an excellent start to 2017 for me.

I’m posting two comics I’ve completed over winter break here. The first one I pitched to the North American Myths and Legends Anthology, got rejected, and then finished anyway.


This one is actually part of a fictional universe w/characters and settings I’ve been working with on and off for years now. I’d written the script for the comic a few months ago, but just started drawing it last week. Those character turnarounds I posted recently were specifically for this story.

Life updates: I got some books on layout and composition, perspective, storyboarding, and Eisner’s comics and sequential art books for the holidays. I go back to Atlanta Wednesday morning, and have my first class just four hours after I land. So that’s fun. I looked at the syllabuses for my life drawing and color theory classes and they’re pretty intimidating. I am pretty intimidated. I can totally do it, though. I hope.



cartoonist, illustrator, reader, writer. SCAD 2020

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