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So the first week and a half of Winter Quarter has gone by, and I think I’ve experienced the most eventful week and a half in my SCAD career thus far. First, Wednesday morning I caught the red-eye from Philadelphia to Atlanta, and walked to my dorm with my suitcase. I ran to the art store to buy a sketchbook for my first class that was also on Wednesday. My mom and I decided to save some money and buy plane tickets for the last possible minute. I was running on about four and a half hours of sleep at that point, and slowly dying.
On the walk to SCAD a random stranger complimented my coat and I saw someone riding a scooter, so that was fun and nice.
I saw some friends and had a good first class: Life Drawing, taught by Professor Hung. Every week I have to do 20 2-minute gestures from the live models we have at our open model sessions, as well as detailed anatomical studies of various body parts. He also assigned us two projects due in a few weeks. I feel like if this doesn’t turn me into a competent artist nothing will. Some pictures of the anatomy studies from my Life Drawing Sketchbook:

After class I grabbed some dinner and then joined a friend for the Animation Show of Shows, screened at SCAD Show Theater. This was indescribably amazing: I got to see fourteen different short films, most of which I’ve never even heard of before, from all over the world and in every medium: stop motion, 3D, hand-drawn. There were also two interviews with creators. I can’t even tell you what my favorite was. Though I liked the Russian and Lithuanian ones because I could understand them, I had an emotional reaction to pretty much every single short I saw.
After the show I caught the shuttle back to the dorms and chatted with some more friends in the lobby. By the time I finally got some sleep it was like, 11. And I had a class the next day also at 11. It was awful.
Computer Art and Color Theory both seem fine so far; computer art is review for me right now bc I’m good with photoshop and illustrator but as soon as we get to After Effects it will stop being review and I will start worrying.
The next big thing to happen though was Friday SCAD shut down at 1. Because it was cold. Really. It was 20 degrees outside, in January, and icy and the barest sprinkling of snow on the ground, and SCAD shut down from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening because this is Georgia and we don’t know what cold weather is. The trees were gorgeous, though. Below is a photo of the view from SCAD Way Saturday morning.


Because of the cold, though, an outdoor ice skating rink opened in Atlantic Station, so my friends and I went there on Sunday. That closed early too, because the below-freezing temperatures meant the ice couldn’t thaw and reform the way it’s supposed to so it was covered in cracks that made it hard to skate. But it was fun anyway. Glad to see all those girl scouts ice skating events were good for something after all.
Classwork: On Tuesday my Color Theory class went to the Foundations Resource Room, which is essentially a small room full of taxidermied animals, insects, and books, to get Inspiration for our Nature Inspired non-objective designs. That was pretty fun. We also had to find a natural object to pull a color palette from, and use that palette to paint our non-objective bilaterally symmetric designs. I found a stick. It’s not very colorful, but it’s good enough, and at least it won’t go bad before the end of the project like a lot of people’s fruits and vegetables. Below are photos of interesting things from the Resource Room, my sketchbook and my final design on tracing paper.

It was really, really cold from Friday to Tuesday, like, below freezing, but starting Wednesday it suddenly jumped to 60 degrees and it’s been surprisingly nice ever since. I’m a little worried it’s going to get cold again soon, but so far, it’s nice.
Today, I went to the Drawing Club, LGBT Club, and Connector meetings, and watched the new Series of Unfortunate Events netflix series. Both the Drawing and LGBT Clubs are planning a zine for this or next quarter, and the Connector always does a quarterly zine, so my life will be filled with publications soon. The comics editor of the Connector published my comic and I’m going to have a comic and an illustration in the Winter 2017 edition of SCAN, as well as in the Spring edition. It’s going to be a busy, busy quarter!



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