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Week Two and A Half: The Ford Motor Company, and Current Projects

So like the start of Fall Quarter I pulled a muscle in my foot again making it painful and irritating to walk everywhere, and yet I can’t do anything about it because I am a college student and need to walk everywhere.
Today we had a make-up drawing class because of MLK Day being on Monday, and instead of drawing we went to SCADShow to see a presentation by the Ford Motor Company on how they make clay models of their cars before actually building the prototype cars. It was pretty disappointing, actually. My professor was told it would be informative and helpful for all majors, but it seemed very focused on sculpture and industrial design majors. As someone with zero interest in cars, I had a hard time paying attention to the presentation. And after the thing there weren’t enough shuttles back to the main building so I ended up walking back and making my foot hurt more.
Okay but the important part: My Work.
Drawing: Long-term project of an anatomical symbolic self-portrait: I bought markers and did a sketch of how I’m going to use those markers on my project. Markers are expensive and make me cry because of it.
Sketchbook: Gestures, legs and feet. No pictures of those yet I’m not done haha.
Plaster Cast Study: Compared to my first still life of last quarter, I think I’m getting better at both observation and rendering.
Computer Art: I photoshopped a photo I took over break to look more interesting.

Color Theory: Sighs. Okay. I am really not a precise meticulous person even a little bit so this class is difficult for me. Here is the color inventory I made for the project I mentioned last post, with the stick, as well as my current progress on the painted design.

We also have to explore “transparency and luminosity” with color-aid paper, which is a fancy word for self-loathing apparently because that’s all I experienced while attempting to work on this. We had to create designs inspired by a word, and my word was Elegant, so I drew a pretty curving design, painted it in, and tried to recreate that with color-aid paper.  Haha. No. That did not happen.
So I used the colors I’d picked out and cut out a new design with color aid paper, glued all my fingers together, and destroyed at least 3 dollars worth of this $60 box of colored paper. I’m not putting in a picture of that because I’m embarrassed at how messy it looks.
I probably shouldn’t be typing all this in such an irritable state of mind, but I wanted to write all this before the Mafia mystery dinner I went to tonight. I was the murder, it was rad.
Personal work: The new issue of SCAN came out and my stuff is in it! I love seeing my work in print. My high school literary magazine was declared #3 in New Jersey the other day, too. It’s a good time for literary magazines!

Also, I made an animatic to the song Non-Stop from Hamilton. It’s very rough, but I spent a lot of last weekend on it, so I’m fairly proud of what I managed to accomplish, considering it was my first attempt at such a thing.



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