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Week Three and A Half: Projects and Stuff

Next weekend is ATVFest, midterms, and lots of other stuff. This week though, I had critiques for my first drawing and design projects!
Drawing: 88, need to fix proportions and tighten up edges some more, but I don’t think I’ll do the corrections because I value my time.
Finished the marker portrait and spent over a hundred dollars on markers, I hate my life choices but I like the result.
Color Theory: Not graded yet, but here’s what it ended up looking like! I am terrible at cutting things and have been since the dawn of time. Craftsmanship? What’s that?
CMPA: We’re making logos in Illustrator and I came up with a pretty neat one for SCAD’s LGBT Club, but it’s really simple and the club was pretty eh about it, so it probably won’t end up being used. I need to reduce the spacing between the lines but that’s a quick fix so not a big deal.

Sketchbooks: We didn’t have life model drawing last week, so I did gestures of people around me for that week.

For Color Theory I had an extra help session last saturday where my professor gave me advice on the Transparency and Luminosity assignment that was giving me trouble, and it looks considerably less bad now. I’m not posting pictures of the transparency one because I still don’t like it but Luminosity looks good.

I also started painting my Complementary Color Scales, which show smooth transitions from one color to its complement. I took a break from these because I spilled my paint water and decided to write this post instead of crying about it. The green and red one isn’t crooked, I just cut it out of bristol and didn’t glue it down yet.
SCAD Life things: Pixar gave a presentation on Tuesday! They talked about how great it is to intern there and what they look for in interns. I’m obviously not ready for an internship anywhere, much less at Pixar, but it was cool knowing that SCAD is a place they recruit from.
There was a workshop for freshmen and sophomores by the Career and Alumni Success Office, which I went to. I got a little piece of paper that told me what kind of jobs you can get with my degree and what companies might hire me and what I should put in my portfolio.
I also reserved a place on the bus to the SCAD Career Fair in Savannah. I’m a little uncertain about going, if only because I need to be on that bus at 5:30 AM, but I think it could be a good opportunity.
Career thoughts are stressing me out a bit because I’m super torn between going more into the animation and storyboarding direction or literary graphic novel direction, so on a completely unrelated note, there was a pajama par-tea last night where the RAs taught us all about healthy sleeping habits and we drank herbal tea and ate popcorn and decorated mugs for more tea. Very sweet and pleasant. I still ended up going to bed at two, though. I love to make bad choices, I guess!
What else…the comic I posted here before, House Helpers, got published on The Connector site, and two of the clubs I’m in are doing zines this quarter or maybe next quarter and both zines are themed around monsters and creatures so I’m going to try to double up and use the same concept for both, or something. I don’t really have any ideas for those yet. But yeah that’s about it for now!
Oh wait, readings: I checked out Blue is the Warmest Color (the graphic novel) and Diary of a Teenage Girl (the novel with illustrations and comic sections) and A Graphic Guide to Queer Theory this week. Thoughts: Blue is a story I’ve definitely read before and generally not outstanding, Diary is disturbing, and Queer Theory is confusing but intriguing.
The library was doing a thing about civic engagement this week.
I read Pink by Kyoko Okazaki a few weeks ago and it was really really cool. It reminded me more of western manga-influenced comics than actual manga. Like a strange, R-rated, depressing version of Scott Pilgrim. It was bizarre and beautiful and I still think about the messed-up ending three full weeks after reading it. God.IMG_20170104_172819716.jpg



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