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ATV Fest and other stuff!

Hi guys! ATV Fest is happening right now, and it’s awesome! Nickelodeon’s Writing and Artist Program is promoting on campus, and I got free stuff and a really helpful conversation about TV storyboarding and future careers. I also have tickets to screenings of Imaginary Mary, Scandal, and When We Rise, all happening today, and I’m going to try to get into a panel on writing for television tomorrow at noon.
For most of today, though, I was in life drawing, where we had open model sketching and then a demonstration on life drawing in ink and watercolor. It was fun, but challenging. Especially because the paper I got didn’t dry as quickly as the paper my professor did the demo on, so my first watercolor came out really muddy. This ink one’s my favorite, though.

Other life drawing things: lukewarm crit on self-portrait, but he really liked my drapery study that we did in class!

Color Theory: We’re starting a new project where we design a coat of arms for a fictional nation we come up with, and studied for the midterm quiz next week. I finished the Complementary and Tonal Progression scales, and also did the Josef Albers-inspired exercises where we had to make two different colors look like the same color, and the same color look like two different colors.

Computer Art: Logo was very well-received, and we’re starting a new project where we have to model something in Maya. I’m doing Hadrian’s Villa, but I have to create concept sketches for it and write out how I want to do it and also what exactly I want to do. I can do that tomorrow, probably. It’s due on Tuesday, so there’s plenty of time.
Outside of class things: I read the memoir of Orange is the New Black and it was very different from the show, but I liked it. I also read The Book of Lost Things by John Conolly and that was unnecessarily dark. I did Hourly Comics Day, and if you’re following me on twitter @mashazart you would’ve seen all of these already, but if you’re not then here they are again. I couldn’t figure out how to paste these two images in so I just decided to make them all links haha yeah.
I drew some illustrations for the Monsters zine Marksmen is doing, and I’m really pleased with the use of color in them.  Only posting one, though, you’ll have to get the zine for the full experience! I also did some concept sketches of the three main characters in the monster story, too. The concept is basically millennial demons in hell. I know, unparalleled genius that no one has ever thought of before. (That was a joke.)

Oh wait, I have some life advice to offer to everyone: use your library, and make friends with your librarians. Libraries have endless wells of information, librarians are shy and eager to help, and if they like you they can extend your due dates and find books for you when you need them and that is EXTREMELY USEFUL.



cartoonist, illustrator, reader, writer. SCAD 2020

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