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Screenings, Panels, and Talks

The benefit of an art school education, and by extension any college education, is that you get access to industry and academic events that would otherwise be expensive or difficult to get to.

Two weekends ago, I went to ATV Fest. I didn’t write about it last week because I really didn’t feel like it to be honest. Writing on this blog feels a little like shouting into the void.

At ATV Fest, the first screening I saw was the first two episodes of Imaginary Mary, a show I had never heard of before. It was surprisingly funny and had a lot of heart. My favorite thing about it was that the three child actors all had such distinct quirks and personalities that they felt more like real people than just characters, and it was painfully relatable in the same way Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is painfully relatable. We were the first ever audience to see it, and I think the cast and crew at the Q+A were relieved we liked it as much as we did. They really seem to care about this show and want it to be the best it could be.

Jenna Elfman said “Great writing is when I don’t even have to think about acting, it’s so human and real that I can just become the character.” She has a lot of passion for her craft and for becoming the best actress she can be, and that’s really inspiring.

The writers said, you have to get the wrong ideas to find the right ones. Be your own driving force. Say yes to thinks you’re not totally ready to do.


The Scandal screening was of season 6 episode 3, a full week in advance. I’ve been a fan of Scandal for a while, and Cyrus is one of my favorite characters, so it was cool to see an episode so focused on him and his morally questionable life choices.

Jeff Perry on the subject of Cyrus: He needs to go to marriage school.

Scandal cast life advice: figure out who you are, where you’re going, what you want and what you’ll do to get it.


When We Rise was really emotional and intense and I learned a lot about the history of social justice activism in the united states. I was totally surprised to learn that the characters were real people, and that it was a historical documentary and not actually fiction. The real people consulted on the portrayals of their younger selves!


I got all the casts to sign my sketchbook pages from the events, so that was nice.

I did go to the panel on TV writing, but it was really involved and the advice was really specific, so I don’t feel like retelling it here.

There was a Sequential Arts Forum on Friday but it overlapped with life drawing and the LEAD conference so I could only see part of a talk on storyboarding. It was pretty interesting, but I still feel like too much of a tiny freshman to gain anything from career events.

Yesterday, my drawing professor gave a talk on his new book about figure drawing. Everyone in his life drawing class got a PDF of it for free when the class first started, and a lot of what he said I remembered from previous class lectures, but I also learned a lot of new stuff about his life and how he worked. And I got extra credit for going, too 🙂



I’m going to the Savannah campus on the 24th to see their art museum, and I’m pretty excited about that.

Classwork… handed in Maya project, accidentally had some floating objects that shouldn’t be floating and forgot to bevel anything, but good textures. For my CMPA final we’re making websites about everything we’ve learned in class, so stay tuned for that!


Color theory we made a flag and a coat of arms for a made-up country.


In Life Drawing, we’re drawing from life, and copying a figure drawing by Anthony Ryder. It’s. Going. No pictures because I don’t want to look at it haha.

Outside of class I’m slowly making a little zine of Lifeguarding Horror Stories comics, submitted a comic to the Connector that still hasn’t been published, submitted a comic to the LGBT club zine that won’t be out until next quarter.

I registered for classes and I’m finally taking art history and Intro to Sequential Art next quarter! I’m excited.

So yeah!




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