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Weekly Update

Hello! As always, it’s been an involved and busy week here at SCAD Atlanta! This week is DeFINE Art, an annual event across all SCAD campuses, and my color theory class went to a talk about the work of Carlos Cruz-Diez on Tuesday.


It was….really disappointing actually. There was a cool performance at the beginning, with a girl in a white dress dancing to that one song from Carmen while colored stripes were projected onto her, but then after that there were NO pictures of the guy’s artwork! I had to look him up on my phone and ended up zoning out completely within the first ten minutes.

I also went to the library to see In The Fold, an exhibition of professors sketchbooks! Neato. Kind of disappointed with the sequential arts professors, though. Like their stuff looked nice but it was very…mainstream superhero comics, and that’s really not what I’m about. Maybe transferring to Savannah will be a good idea.


Friday I spent the day in Savannah! That was fun. We went to the SCAD Museum of Art and some shops on River Street. Here’s some photos from the museum and the bridge in front of the Hive. I like the campus and the weather, and the part of the city I was in. It was nice.



Life drawing. A Drawing. Prof said nothing about it in critique and while I was drawing he told me my proportions were ok twice and then was like wait actually you have to redraw everything lol so that was fun.

Color Theory: We’re working on motion sequences and color schemes. I don’t really like what I’ve come up with and I’m probably going to repaint everything tomorrow, while screaming. I think my craftsmanship is not up to par every color theory assignment but this time it’s literally worse than all previous assignments so like I might actually be right about this one.


like look how uneven everything is ahhhhhh.

Personal work: I drew some pictures of my friends, but I don’t want to post them without asking.

Additional SCAD Things: I’m applying to be a student ambassador next year and filling out a visa application for my Summer Study Abroad in Hong Kong!

That’s about it for now, I guess.



cartoonist, illustrator, reader, writer. SCAD 2020

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