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What I did during Spring Break

Spring quarter starts tomorrow! With that, I’m ready to recap how I spent my break.

The first few days I mostly sat in my room and worked on a comic. I’m adapting a book I liked as a kid into a webcomic format, because that seemed like a good idea at the time. You can read what I’ve got so far here. 

I saw Lego Batman with a friend, and it was really fun. My grandparents came and took me to do touristy things I didn’t have time for during the quarter. We went to the aquarium, stone mountain, the botanical garden, the civil rights museum, the art museum, a bookstore I had heard about at a con last year, and finally to Ruby Falls in Tennessee and Vanderbilt University to see my best friend from high school. Here’s a random collection of photographs from these trips.IMG_20170321_145103308.jpgIMG_20170320_163813854_HDR.jpgIMG_20170320_113825657.jpg


book reviews! I read a lot of books this break, and I want to talk about all of them. Here’s most of the books I bought at Little Shop of Stories, a super cute bookstore in Decatur focused on children’s books and graphic novels (aka my two true loves)IMG_20170319_192141720.jpg

Every Heart a Doorway- Oh my god, an asexual protagonist? Portal fantasy?? Feelings???? SIGN ME THE HECK UP. I heard there’s a sequel coming out next year and I am so ready for it you don’t even know.

Men Explain Things To Me- A collection of essays, which reminded me of AP Lang where I also had to read a collection of essays. These essays were good though, engaging and enlightening.

The Rest of Us Just Live Here- Books that make fun of standard YA tropes cleanse my soul and water my crops. I love this book. I love the premise of this book. Everyone with even a passing interest in YA Literature should read this book.

Newsprints- I got this book because I love the author/artist’s webcomic, Saint for Rent! I love how everything seems to glow with light, and how dynamic and fluid the characters and their movements are, and how tight and unified the color choices seem to be. Newsprints is about a steampunk world in the midst of war, and some kids delivering papers in it. There’s birds and flying and science and feelings and my favorite part was the sequel hook at the end, because that means there’s more to come.

Well, That Was Awkward- A modern, middle-school, Cyrano de Bergerac retelling. Hilarious and cute, and made me feel slightly intellectual because we watched Cyrano de Bergerac in french class in junior year and I could recognize the references. I loved the use of texting and social media to tell the story- that’s how I communicate w/my friends these days.

Books I read over break that are not pictured here:

The Cute Girls Network- a very cute sort of romance story featuring a diverse cast of wonderfully drawn girls. I kind of wish a woman had worked on it, but it was still good. Funny, and an interesting concept.

Pretty in Ink: A History of Women Artists in North American Comics- Really inspiring and beautiful. I got really into the flapper comics style of inking and hair drawing and copied a few of them in my sketchbook. Nell Brinkley is an underappreciated star. IMG_20170313_195004118_BURST000_COVER.jpg

The Gingerbread Girl- Weird, ambiguous in an annoying way, but cute and a really interesting narration style where the point of view keeps shifting.

Hot Dog Taste Test- Weird but pretty and funny. I like the bold watercolor style and I kind of want to t0 try doing something similar eventually.

Uncanny Valley High, volume 1- Funny, weird, cute, good. Will probably read the second one.

My first day of Intro to Sequential Art is TOMORROW! So, pretty excited. Yeah.

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Winter Quarter is ALMOST over

My LAST LIFE DRAWING CLASS is today, and then tomorrow is CMPA and Color Theory.

I kind of finished my finals Saturday morning so I’ve been kind of hanging out doing nothing since then, haha.


This is my life drawing final, which with some small tweaks is what I am going to hand in today. The assignment was to portray a figure in an environment, and I chose to illustrate a moment from the story of Medea. She’s poisoning a crown.


This is color theory. The assignment was to abstract our favorite place into a 4-color design and then choose one dominant color and 3 muted colors to demonstrate the bezold effect. I chose the Cranbury Bookworm, the bookstore I worked in last year.

For CMPA, I made a website! Check it out here

SCAD Life Update: I’m going to be a Student Ambassador and an Orientation Assistant next school year! Very excited. They’re paid positions, too, which is awesome. I had to attend the LEAD conference, fill out an application, write a cover letter and resume, and do an interview. Stressful, but it all worked out in the end so yay.

I saw Samurai Jack on Saturday. It was neato.

I’m going to try and write a novel for Camp Nanowrimo this April.

Spring break starts on Wednesday, and my grandparents are visiting me for it. It’s going to be fun, I hope.

That’s about it.

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Finals Approaching, Again

Hey everyone! There’s just 6 days left of classes before spring break! And, because SCAD’s on a quarter system, that means Finals Hell is in full swing now. I’ve started working on my color theory final project already (although mercifully it’s not weighted any more than the other 3 projects we’ve done for that class), got my life drawing final sketch approved by my professor, and submitted the previsualization homework for my CMPA final.

SCAD Life Update: I applied to be a student ambassador, I don’t know if I’m gonna get it but I had an interview and hopefully it went okay!

The internet’s been acting up all weekend, tech support is working on it, we are suffering.

SCAD Day was today and there were many potential students. So many.

Color Theory Final progress: Removal tape is my friend.

We had to make sketches from memory of a favorite place and then turn that into a non-objective design we could use to demonstrate the Bezold effect. We have to make a color scheme with 1 bright color and 3 dull colors, and repeat the same design with all four colors changing position in the design to see how that affects the look of the design as a whole. I picked the used bookstore I worked in last year.

the final itself, as it looks right now
thumbnails, sketches, ideas

Life Drawing: This is my sketch for the final, a scene from the story of Medea which I read in AP Lit last year.


I’m going to try and combine charcoal and pastel and do a limited color sort of thing. Hopefully I can pull it off!

Life drawing in class project:


Life drawing sketchbook: portrait heads


And that’s about all I have time for today. Random fun things: I impulse bought a plane ticket to go back home for a weekend and hit up MOCCA Fest in April, since I’m not going home for spring break. So that’ll be fun. I’m staying in Atlanta for spring break and hopefully going up to Nashville for a weekend to see my best friend since 3rd grade.

Reading: I recently read Rolling Blackouts by Sarah Glidden, because I really liked How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less. I liked it. I feel like it was a bit more wordy than it really needed to be, but it was really interesting. Comics nonfiction and journalism fascinates me, and I want to try making something like that someday.

I’m also currently reading through the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy but that’s just for funsies.

now I have to go actually start this drawing final hahaha why did I let myself put it off so much.