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MoCCAFest 2017!

So I went home this past weekend and missed a day of classes because of my flight time, but all of that’s irrelevant because I went to MoCCAFest yesterday and it was amazing!

MoCCAFest is a small indie comics convention in New York City, hosted by the Museum of Comics and Cartooning Arts at the Society of Illustrators. This is my second time going, and I managed to have some self-control this time around and not buy everything.

I got a sketchbook review from K. L. Ricks! It was really encouraging. They’re very nice.

I drew things for Wendy Xu, Gene Luen Yang, and Meredith Gran, and they were all really nice about it and liked my things and signed my comics that I bought from them immediately. American Born Chinese is one of the graphic novels that got me into comics back in middle school but I only borrowed it from my school library and now I have my own copy with my name in it, so yay.


There was a great moment where Gene Luen Yang asked me “So how is SCAD? Would you recommend it to people? Because I get a lot of questions from high schoolers about colleges and I don’t know anything…”

Lucy Bellwood was really nice and easy to talk to, and I wish I’d had more money so I could buy more of her books. I got Rim to River, about white water rafting in the Grand Canyon, and it made me actually want to go there someday.

I also picked up No Ivy League by Hazel Newlevant. I don’t know what I expected from the title, but what I got was a really sweet grayscale autobio comic about a summer volunteering thing. It was nice. Hazel spoke at the Diversity in Comics panel and had some really interesting things to say about publishing and editing comics.

I went to two panels: Diversity in Comics, and Q + A with Cliff Chiang. I learned Cliff Chiang went to Harvard, is older than my mom, and doesn’t know how to ride a bike. Does know how to draw amazing comics though.

I bought. So much. Stuff.IMG_20170401_222214514.jpg

My favorite things I bought were Diana’s Electric Tongue, by Carolyn Nowak, and Add Value/Add Time by the Dandelion Wine Collective (probably because I spend a lot of time on trains).  Diana’s Electric Tongue was weird and wonderful in an almost magical-realism, Haruki Murakami kinda way, except the tone was extremely low-key and slice-of-life-y at the same time, it’s great, I love it. Add Value/Add Time is a really tight and coherent anthology, especially for college students. It’d be cool to start a collective like Dandelion Wine here at SCAD Atlanta.

Also Soviet’s Daughter, by Julia Alexeyeva, because it’s a comic my grandparents were actually interested in reading! And a comic by a Russian-American about being Russian-American!! MY FAVORITE THINGS! I gave my copy to my grandfather and didn’t take it back to SCAD with me though.

And Baopu by Yao Xiao, about a lot of things, all of which I can relate to somehow. I walked past the table and was like oh my god, someone UNDERSTANDS. It was a very emotional moment for me.


After MoCCAFest I met up with my friends from summer camp and we all hung out and got banhmi and it was really nice. I’ve missed them. I don’t get to see them very often, especially now that I’m all the way down south.

I’ll make a separate post with the work I’ve produced recently later, I’m running on like 4 hours of sleep and I am basically not functioning right now.



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