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Week 3


I was going to update the last post to add that but then I realized no one was gonna look at it anyway, and then the Connector asked me to do an article about the event, so here’s a link to that article instead for more info.

this is the piece that won! It’s in marker on an 18 by 24 inch piece of paper, and took me about half an hour to draw. It was really fun to do!

Yesterday morning I went to the SCAD Student Leader meet-and-greet in the SCADPad. the SCADPad is part of the parking garage attached to the main building with fake grass and comfy chairs to turn it into this hangout spot and place events are sometimes held at. It’s. Strange. But the meet and greet was nice, we played dumb ice breaker games and learned about important dates and deadlines. I learned that as an Ambassador and Orientation Assistant, I get paid for both going to the meet-and-greet thing and the biweekly meetings as well as SCAD Days. So that’s nice.

After that I stopped by the Digital Media Center for the Collab fair, an event where senior animation majors recruit underclassmen to help them out with their senior films. I put my name down for colors, backgrounds, and storyboards for a lot of films, but most of them weren’t interested, which is fine.

Then, after that I went back to the main building to go on a tour of SCAD Fash for my Art History class. We got a really in-depth tour of Omar Victor Diop’s exhibition, Project Diaspora.  It was absolutely fascinating, though I feel like as a white girl it’s really not my place to analyze it critically I liked looking at the photos.

Then after that, I ate brunch and then went to the wood shop in the basement where I got a wood shop certification. I was terrified of all the saws and things, but it wasn’t that scary and I got to try all the tools. The wood shop manager gave me a tape measure for my trouble. I only went because we needed it for my 3D Design class, but maybe I’ll need it for something eventually. I also heard we have a laser cutter somewhere at SCAD, which would be cool to try. I don’t know, I’m not really a super crafty person.

Then after that, I finished inking my comic strip for sequential art!


The prompt was “a turtle wants to cross a busy street, so he does.”

I’m still doing the 100 days project, and still doing Camp Nanowrimo. Check my tumblr tag for the 100 literary characters.

I also drew this comic.

Reading material: I finished Lynda Barry’s One! Hundred! Demons! and started reading What it Is, and I really really love it? I love how she combines autobiography and fiction and the handmade collage elements are so cool to look at, and she’s so funny and emotionally true and talks about her childhood in a way I can connect to. I am a huge fan of autobio comics in general, but like, her comics feel so fresh and new and I can’t believe how long it took me to discover her.

I’m also thinking of starting a youtube channel, but that’s still up in the air until I actually get some free time to make one of the videos I have in mind.

And I’m going to Hong Kong this summer to study abroad! Visa’s in the process of getting approved and plane tickets have yet to be purchased but the paperwork’s all done and the classes have been registered for so it’s like, 89% definitely happening.

So yeah!



cartoonist, illustrator, reader, writer. SCAD 2020

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