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Week 5: Midterm projects and things

I did really well on my first art history test! Which was nice.

In 3D I’m covering styrofoam balls with plastic bags so I can then suspend them from the ceiling to show mass and weight and things. I have to use the same material in 3 different ways, so I first wrapped a bag around a ball and tied it off, then cut a bag into strips and wrapped the strips around, then folded the strips together to create these things that stuck out and hot-glued them on.


In SEQA I’m working on a one-page comic now, but I don’t have any screenshots of my current progress. Sorry.

I got a hat from the internet with a bee holding a knife on it. I love it very much.IMG_20170425_135047115.jpg

On Wednesday, I went to the ASIFA-South monthly mixer and I brought my friend Sandy with me. It was really fun! I drew some stuff and made some new friends, and generally had a pleasant time. I drew a godzilla figurine holding some fake flowers.


On Friday I went to the Marksmen drawing thing at Piedmont Park and did some sketching. It was fun! There were turtles, and afterwards I went to Blick and Sweet Hut. I’d die for Sweet Hut.


And yesterday, I went to Savannah for SCAD’s Sidewalk Arts Festival. That was also really fun except I walked a lot and it was super humid. I checked out Guy DeLisle’s Burma Chronicles from the SCAD Library and super enjoyed it, and I went to Planet Fun and got a trade paperback of Snotgirl (WHICH I LOVE, SO MUCH). I also met up with a Savannah friend and went to two ice cream shops and bought some fancy iced tea. All in all, a Good Time. I didn’t draw anything on the sidewalk myself, just walked around.




Last life development: I started a youtube channel! Here’s the first video of what’ll hopefully be a longer series. Hope you enjoy!



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