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ALMOST DONE! Momocon and RenFest

I want to go home so bad but I still have 3 days of classes to go! And then a day of lounging around in my aunt’s apartment because my flight’s Saturday morning, haha. But because it’s finals week, it’s been a very eventful series of days.

Last Monday in my SEQA class, we did an exercise where one person pencilled a sketch and someone else inked it. I drew Wonder Woman on the moon, holding a teddy bear. My friend Michael inked it.IMG_20170524_121111249.jpg

On Tuesday, I went to an LP concert with some friends from SCAD Savannah. I’d never been to a concert like that before, so it was a very interesting experience. Very loud. But fun!IMG_20170523_212807830.jpg

Thursday we had our Late-Night Brunch to celebrate the kick-off of finals week. It was okay, but I was very tired so I kind of hated being there. I do love free brunch at all times, though.

And then I had a very fun weekend! On Saturday, my good friend Regan picked me up and we went to the Georgia Renaissance Festival, where we walked around and looked at all this cool handmade medieval fantasy type stuff. I got a lot of character design inspiration and impulse bought some hairclips and some boots.

Sunday I went to Momocon. It felt weirdly small, like the convention center was way bigger than it really needed to be for the amount of people. I saw a surprising number of Homestuck cosplayers, and I bought some stickers, prints and charms, from friends and strangers. I went to the Women in Animation panel that morning, and it was really really cool. IMG_20170529_151108556.jpg

This was my favorite cosplay at the entire con.IMG_20170528_134214529.jpg

I also got to see some high school friends and played a board game called Dominion with them? And Dance Evolution. They had Happy Synthesizer and I learned that dance in 8th grade so I was really excited and I did pretty well at it I think.

And then today right before class the editor of our student media organization stopped me to give me this! I didn’t know that was a thing but I guess it is!


Mermaids of the Week, inspired by my daily life and my fandoms because I’m running out of ideas as this month comes to a close.

Also, some sketchbook doodles that I like.


it’s thunderstorming outside now, and I’m done for today.



cartoonist, illustrator, reader, writer. SCAD 2020

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