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COMMISSIONS! and end of Year 1


instead of dm-ing me because that is not how wordpress works you can email me at with references and any questions.


Second of all, my SEQA and 3D final projects. I got As on both B)

My 3D final was an artist’s book that reflects my aesthetic, body of work, and creative goals, which I think I accomplished.

(crossposted from facebook) I’m finally back in NJ after the end of my first year of SCAD in Atlanta. When I committed a year ago, I had a lot of hesitations, because the tuition here’s a huge investment and my chosen career does n o t pay that well. But after coming here, I can definitely say that for me personally, it was totally worth it.
So many doors open up when you put SCAD on your social media bios, when you tap your SCAD ID to enter the library, the computer lab full of CINTIQs, the exclusive talks at SCADshow. In just my first year, I’ve gotten to talk to representatives from Nickelodeon and Pixar, skype professional comics writers and inkers with my sequential art class, and get my artwork published in zines and online. I’ve gotten to read half the books on my amazon wishlist in our library for free, and made friends with so many amazing and talented people. And that’s not even talking about the classes.
I’m good at school, always have been. I learn best when someone else gives me assignments and deadlines and grades. The foundations profs here are so good at what they do and push you so hard (coughrodeckercough) I’ve improved by leaps and bounds since last August, and my diligence has improved too. I went from crashing and burning at Inktober and Huevember to completing Mermay and Nanowrimo and reaching day 63 of my 100-day project. Hours and hours of practice a week, guided by feedback from industry pros, helps a lot.
I’ve talked about this before but I have a lot of problems w/social stuff. I’m always worried other people don’t like me as much as I like them, or that I’m bad at being a person when I stay in and Consume Media instead of Socializing. I’ve realized that I don’t /have/ to hang out with people that make me anxious because I think they’re cooler than me if I don’t really want to hang out with them, and that it’s okay to spend my time by myself or with people that don’t intimidate me. I don’t need to stretch my comfort zone all the time.
I’m super thankful for all my professors this year, all my new friends, and everyone who joined SCAD Atlanta 2020 and SCAD memes for broke bees, the facebook groups I made so I didn’t have to talk to people to make friends. It’s been fun.
I’ll BEE back in September.




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