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Hong Kong Week 3

I was totally going to post this on Sunday but I blanked and forgot.

So, let’s see…Last monday I finished up my architectural vantage points final piece.


Nothing super interesting Tuesday. Then, Wednesday night I went swing dancing with my roommate and another study abroad girl again. We ordered a pizza this time, and I danced more. I brought my sketchbook and did some more sketching. It was fun.

Thursday, instead of Comics class, we went to see Spiderman: Homecoming with the Rising Star and Summer Seminar kids. The theater was super fancy. Afterwards, I got dinner and hung out with one of the girls in my class and two of the people who aren’t technically in my class but just kinda hang around for fun. They’re all so nice and fun to be around. I like having friends here.



In Travel Portfolio, the theme for week 3 is Night, so here’s some of the stuff I did for that so far.



Friday, we had a field trip to the History museum, but the bus from Gold Coast to SCAD was late so I didn’t see my professor there. The History museum’s super cool though. There’s a lot of really interesting stuff, including life-size replicas of shops and houses from various points of Hong Kong history. And clothes and jewelry.


When I got back to SCAD on Friday, there was a big celebratory thing for the end of Summer Seminar, and I got a free popsicle and stuffed Beijing-style crepe. They were delicious, and even more delicious because they were free.

I made a 3 page comic for Hong Kong Comics!

Saturday, I went to Macau for all of two hours. There were 3 Study Abroad kids including me, and like, 40 Rising Star kids, so it was kind of an ordeal. But Macau was super cool. We had lunch in a rotating restaurant on top of Macau tower, overlooking the city and eating super fancy food.


Sunday, I got to meet up with a friend I haven’t seen in 2 and a half years! We went to the teaware museum in Hong Kong Park, and then got some tea and dim sum at a teahouse nearby. It was great. P_20170709_130127.jpgIMG_20170709_132607929.jpgP_20170709_160859.jpgIMG_20170709_171702953.jpgP_20170709_150110.jpg

Afterwards, we wandered around and ate cool food and talked about life and stuff.

Nothing much happened yesterday, but today, I went and explored the Dragon Center near SCAD. It’s a 9-story shopping mall- with a roller coaster around the top two floors! And a lot of anime merch which I took pictures of for my friends. I had an okay lunch there.


Here’s some more of my assignments for Travel Drawing which I took pictures of today. IMG_20170711_141111608.jpgIMG_20170711_161413.jpgIMG_20170711_162523545.jpg

My professor really likes my stuff.

Reading list: Finished Bakuman, started My Hero Academia. Rereading Discworld because I know what I like. Bakuman is so good, guys.

Also wrote over 9,000 words of this fanfiction, because I have no self-control.



cartoonist, illustrator, reader, writer. SCAD 2020

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