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Japan week 1

What DIDN’T I do this past week, omg. It’s been, very busy.

We walked around Matsuzaki and went to a Historical Building. Matsuzaki has a thing about this gray and white diamond pattern on all the buildings, so that was a defining feature.

We went to a very nice seafood place. IMG_20170725_171620005

We went to a bunch of shrine complexes. There’s a shrine on every corner. Literally, every corner. In a town of 6,000 people.

We went to Dogashima and did a boat tour of the surrounding area, which was extremely scenic. We went to the beach a few times.

We drove up the Izu peninsula to Hakone, and stopped at all the pretty views on the way.

In Hakone, we took the cable car up to the ropeway, then took the ropeway to Lake Ashi. We saw an active volcano. We could have seen Mt. Fuji, but it was too overcast for that.

From Hakone, we took the shinkansen to Tokyo, and went to a hedgehog cafe!

They were so cute. So, so cute.

Then we went up the Tokyo Tower at night and saw all the pretty lights and things. P_20170729_214316

The next day, we went to the Imperial Palace and walked around there for a bit, then met up with a friend of mine in Takeshita street and walked around harajuku. We saw the Meiji shrine, and a lolita fashion store called Closet Child that I was obsessed with when I was a tween. So that was nice.

Besides all the traveling and exploring and being a tourist, I offered to draw my friends on twitter and facebook as magical girls. So I did that.

I also bought a lot of anime merchandise for myself and others, because I am an incurable nerd.

Tomorrow we’re leaving for Kyoto and Nara, so that’s exciting! We’re staying in a Comic Capsule Hotel for a few nights, which is even more exciting.

At this point, though, I’m kind of ready to go home.



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2 thoughts on “Japan week 1

    1. They don’t bite! It cost about 15 USD to sit there for half an hour and I got to pet most of the hedgehogs, except the ones who were resting when I visited. You could pay extra to feed them worms, and picking them up was allowed but not carrying them around. Very fun overall!

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