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Orientation Tomorrow!

Hi! Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I’ve been busy, stressed out, and unmotivated.

Since the last time I posted here I went to Flamecon. It was awesome. Highlights: Check Please!, Haikyuu!! and Yuri!!! on Ice fanart, a Yuri Recommendations panel. Nice people. Seeing my friend Gina.

I spent time with my friends for the last week or so of my summer vacation, and that was really nice. Then two weeks ago I moved into my dorm at SCAD Atlanta for Orientation Assistant training.

On the first day of training, everything went to heck. Halfway through the day we all got a text alert from SCAD. The start of fall quarter was pushed back a week because of Hurricane Irma, and everyone already moved in at Savannah was evacuated here. I had three incoming Savannah freshmen staying in my room for a few nights while the storm blew over. I got to see some friends from Savannah I haven’t really spent much time with before, and that was really fun. But it’s also been super hectic.


I checked out the Guo Pei exhibit at SCAD FASH a few days ago, and it was so awesome. Really recommend.

Also I played Hiveswap yesterday. A lot shorter than I was expecting after five years, but still pretty entertaining, even though I’m not big on video games.

Creative work updates: I’ve written some more fanfiction if you’re into that at all. Also. A lot of fanart. Because school hasn’t started yet might as well indulge right. Also a color study.

I did some studies of Princeton, and I made up a new thing where if my friends from other colleges pay for my transportation I will go to their college and draw their campus. I don’t expect anyone to take me up on it but I wish they would.

Also I drew my OC from my Hong Kong Comics classwork because I could.

Oh yeah, Miku’s 10th anniversary happened August 31st, and I participated in this year’s Miku Miku Collab!  

I drew 4 illustrations: Heartbreak Summit, Strobe Last, Tokyo Retro and Start Line. Four of my favorite songs.

Tomorrow and Sunday I’m gonna be on my feet from 8 am to 6 pm, helping with the new student orientations. I’m ready.



cartoonist, illustrator, reader, writer. SCAD 2020

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