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Week’s Work

Last Thursday, I went to a Temple of Cartoon Mojo meeting. It was fun! We drew inktober prompts. Here’s everyone’s contributions spread out on the table.

And here’s my thing: a pirate witch and a candy witch from the #31witches prompt lists.

Friday was absolutely packed for me: Marksmen meeting, Connector meeting, Ambassador meeting, Ambassador team-building activity at Escape the Room (my group got out first!), and then a screening of Space Jam at SCADShow! I took this photo because I needed good lighting effects for my thumbnails assignment.

Saturday my roommate and I went to the international market and I bought Russian food to fill the void in my heart, as one does.

Sunday I marched in the ATL Pride parade with the SCAD LGBT club! It was A Time: hot, sunny, loud…but fun overall. I’m still washing glitter out of my hair. It’s been three days. Save me.


I did a presentation on Nell Brinkley for my Survey class and got a 20/20! I’m very pleased with myself.

Drawing for Sequential Art:SEQA_202_A02_mzhdan20_figure2.png

The model actually took a picture of this drawing! I hated drawing it, because we had to use nib pen and it’s so hard to work with. None of the lines went where I wanted them to go, it was awful. But it turned out okay, I think.


Yeah spotting blacks is not anywhere near my strong suit.

Drawing for Storyboarding:

Realistic and Caricature drawings of two of my closest friends.

For-fun drawing: fanart.

Two of my current favorite characters share a birthday… I love them…

Also made this short comic that’s just an art shitpost, but I learned how to do the blur thing in photoshop for this so I’m proud of it.  Have I mentioned how much I love Haikyuu!! and My Hero Academia recently? Because those are like, the only ongoing manga I’m keeping up with right now.


Also inktobers! I did those! 

Reading material: I’ve caught up with Giant Days and Snotgirl. I read Petrograd so I can review it for my Survey class, but I haven’t actually started the review. Reread Unterzakhn so I can analyze a scene from it for my Drawing for Sequential Class. Picked up Felicia Day’s memoir on a whim and it’s pretty enjoyable despite some extremely iffy jokes.




cartoonist, illustrator, reader, writer. SCAD 2020

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